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School of Philosophy and Social Development, Huaqiao University

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School of Philosophy and Social Development, Huaqiao University

(2009 — 2018)

The School of Philosophy and Social Development at Huaqiao University was founded in September 2009, but it can trace its origin to the Institute of Social Sciences at Huqiao University, which was established in 1993. Currently the school offers programs in sociology at baccalaureate level and programs in all branches of philosophy at baccalaureate, master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral levels. The School also has several bases, including The Center for Philosophy of Life, which is the base for social science in Fujian province, The Center for the Study of Religion in Oversea Chinese, Fujian and Taiwan, which is the base for humanities and social sciences for the college system in Fujian province. Besides that, The International Confucianism of Huaqiao University, which was co-founded by Huaqiao University and The China Confucius Foundation, is also affiliated with our School. There are two departments in our School: the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Sociology.


The guiding principle of our School is promoting the development of academics and pursuing excellence. Professor Xu Doudou is the dean of our School. Professor Xue Xiujun is both the Secretary of the CCP and vice dean of our School, and Xu Guanyue is the vice Secretary of the CCP.


The discipline of philosophy is one of our university’s dominant disciplines whose development is vigorously supported by Huaqiao University, and has been confirmed as a key discipline by all levels ranging from the State Council to provincial levels. Philosophy was confirmed as a key discipline by the Oversea Chinese Affairs Office Of The State Council in 2002 and by the government of Fujian Province in 2005 and it was confirmed as one of the double-first disciplines of Fujian Province in 2018. In 2006 the Department of Philosophy qualified to provide PhD Programs in Marxist Philosophy, in 2010 it qualified to confer master’s degrees in all branches of philosophy, in 2013 it qualified to provide post-doctoral programs in all fields of philosophy, and in 2018 it qualified to confer doctoral degrees in all areas of philosophy. Apart from philosophy, sociology, which was also founded in 2009, is also a discipline being cultivated at Huaqiao University.


The School has forty-one faculty members, of whom thirty-seven are professors: twenty are full professors, eleven are associate professors, and six are assistant professors. Thirty-two faculty members received their PhDs from the most prestigious Universities in China, including the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Fudan University, Remin University of China, Sun-Yet-Sen University, Nanjing University and Nankai University; and several of them have studied abroad in the US, Germany, and Canada. In addition, several international faulty have worked in our School, and our current international faculty member is Professor Kevin Lynch, who received his PhD from the University of Warwick.


With the principles of humanity, virtue, and ability, and with an emphasis on training through reading of the Classics and development of comprehensive capacities, the school aims at helping students to become promising practitioners in philosophy and sociology. In recent years, students in our school have been awarded national and provincial academic prizes.


In the last five years, our faculty members have been conducting more than ninety research projects that were funded by the government with seven million RMB. The outcomes of these researches have been fruitful, and as a result, three hundred papers have been published in top academic journals in China, and about twenty in international journals (SSCI and A&HCI). Besides this, twenty-three monologues have been published. Fifty of these research outputs received awards.


The School is devoted to promoting its internationalization. The School invites experts and prestigious domestic and international scholars to give lectures every year. So far we have established long term collaborations with many prestigious universities in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, and Malaysia. In particular, the School is committed to encouraging teachers and students to do research work abroad. In collaboration with some universities in Japan and Malaysia, the School also offers an M.A. program in Chinese Study for international students.


The School offers different resources which are designed to be used by faculty members and students. Specifically, it has tens of thousands of books and about sixty-five journals, and a laboratory for sociology.


Based on the existing academic platform, the School of Philosophy and Social Development aims at catching up with departments of philosophy and sociology in top universities both in China and the wider world, keeping its mind open, and recruiting talented faculty members so as to make the department of philosophy a key center for philosophy in Southeast China and to make the department of sociology a special platform for outstanding teaching and research.


(May, 2018)





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