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Undergraduate Program in Sociology

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Undergraduate Program in Sociology

The Department of Sociology at Huaqiao University began offering an undergraduate program in 2010. It admits both domestic and overseas students.

For domestic students, some special courses are offered to them, inculcating the theory of Marxism so that they can have firm and correct political standpoint. For overseas students, some special courses are offered to cultivate in them a strong recognition of Chinese culture. As well as domestic and overseas students having the opportunity to attend different special courses, they also attend the same core courses. These courses are committed to helping students gain a basic knowledge in humanities and the natural sciences, as well as a strong social responsibility and a good awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship. What’s more, the Department trains students to master the basic principles of sociology, and its basic theories and methods. It also offers many other courses to develop proficiency in English, an international perspective and awareness of national conditions, and an ability to analyze Chinese society and solve social problems. Apart from that, students will be able to communicate in cross-cultural contexts, adapt themselves, serve society, and engage in social management.

The Department of Sociology admits both students of the arts and the sciences. Students will receive a Bachelor Degree of Law if they get enough credits and pass the defense of their graduation thesis. As well as offering theoretical courses, the department puts an emphasis on offering many practical courses, such as social practices, social services, and professional practices. The key courses include Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Social Work, Social Research Methods, Theory of Foreign Sociology, History of Western Social Thought, Social Statistics, Application of Statistical Software for Social Science, Social Psychology, Social Stratification and Social Mobility, Introduction to Social Security, and Organizational Sociology.

The Department foregrounds the international cultivation of the students, focusing on promoting the students’ ability to solve practical problems, cultivate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. In accordance with the students’ specialty, the Department has joint training programs with prestigious universities all over the world. Each year we have undergraduates doing further studying in places like the US, the UK, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, and Macao. We also have long-term collaborations with some prestigious research institutions and universities

in China. Besides this, the Department often organizes students to participate in nationally representative surveys, offering opportunities for students to recognize social development in China. Students in our department won first prize in 2013 and second prize in 2017 in "Challenge Cup" National College Student Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition.





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