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Faculty & Staff of The School of Philosophy and Social Development

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Core Faculty


Research Interests

陈庆超 Chen, Qingchao

Virtue   Ethics,

Applied   Ethics

范正义 Fan, Zhengyi

Philosophy   of Religion,

Folk   Religion in Fujian and Taiwan,

Anthropology   in Christianity

* Feng, Bing *

Pre-Qin   Confucianism,

Song   and Ming Confucianism

Philosophy   of Li and Yue

Hua, Wei

Augustine,   Ancient Philosophy,

History   of Christian Thought,

Dialogue   Between Confucianism and Christianity

黄海德* Huang, Haide *

History   of Chinese Philosophy,

Philosophy   of Taoism,

Philosophy   of Religion, Taoism

李志强* Li, Zhiqiang *

Marxist   Philosophy,


Political   Philosophy

李忠伟 Li, Zhongwei


Philosophy   of Mind,

Early   Modern Philosophy

林壮青 Lin, Zhuangqing

Western   Political Philosophy

刘荣军* Liu, Rongjun *

Marxist   Philosophy,

Economic   Philosophy and Social Political Philosophy

* Ma, Lei *

Philosophy   of Science, Logic,

Philosophy   of Question

王福民* Wang, Fumin *

Historical   Materialism,

Marxist   Philosophy of Life,

Contemporary   Political and Cultural Issues

  Wang, Yang

Academic Integrity and Research Ethics,

Comparison of Chinese and Western Thought,   Contemporary Philosophy of Science

魏燕侠 Wei, Yanxia

Analytic   Philosophy,

Formal   Epistemology

许斗斗* Xu, Doudou *

Marxist   Philosophy,

Philosophy   of Science and Technology,

Contemporary   Social Theories

薛秀军* Xue, Xiujun *

Historical   Materialism and China's Modernization

Management   philosophy,

Philosophy   of Culture

杨少涵* Yang, Shaohan *

Pre-Qin Confucianism,

Song and Ming Confucianism

Modern   Neo-Confucian Philosophy

张禹东* Zhang, Yudong *

Marxist   Philosophy,

Philosophy   of Religion,

Studies   of Oversee Chinese

张云江 Zhang, Yunjiang

Chinese   Philosophy,

Philosophy   of Religion,

Philosophy   of Buddhism

周世兴* Zhou, Shixing *

Theories   of Marxist Philosophy,

History   of Marxist Philosophy

朱彦明* Zhu, Yanming *

Modern   Western Philosophy,

Western   Marxism

Associate Professors

Research Interests

常旭旻 Chang, Xumin

Ancient   Philosophy,

German   Philosophy,


郭荣茂 Guo, Rongmao

Sociology   of Science,

Sociology   of Culture

黄晓瑞 Huang, Xiaorui

Theory   and Practice of Social Security,

Development   of Non-profit Organization  

蒋朝君 Jiang, Chaojun

Philosophy of Taoism,

Taoism and Ancient Chinese Scientific Thought

林少真 Lin, Shaozhen

Social   Structure and Social Stratification,

Deviance   Sociology

刘守政 Liu, Shouzheng

Taoism,   Chinese Philosophy

罗建平 Luo, Jianping

Marxist   Philosophy,

Philosophy   of Consumer,

Consumer   Sociology

Kevin Lynch

Philosophy   of Psychology and Mind

Shao, Cen

Population   Sociology,

Education   Sociology

王嘉顺 Wang, Jiashun

Sociology   of Population , Social Psychology

张世远 Zhang, Shiyuan

Marxist   Philosophy,

Virtual   Space Theory


Research Interests

Lu, Kun

Marxist   Philosophy

王洪光 Wang, Hongguang

Philosophical   Logic,

Philosophy   of Logic,

Philosophy   of Language

薛子燕 Xue, Ziyan

Chinese   Philosophy,

Ancient   Chinese Science and Technology

Yang, Hu

Philosophy   of Confucianism

张华勇 Zhang, Huayong

Philosophy   of Confucianism

赵文宇 Zhao, Wenyu

Philosophy   of Confucianism

The Oder of list is based on the order of the first letter of the Family Name

* Doctoral Supervisor




许斗斗 Xu, Doudou


薛秀军 Xue, Xiujun

Secretary of the CCP, Vice Dean

徐冠岳 Xu, Guanyue

Vice Secretary of the CCP

饶丹晶 Rao, Danjing

Director of Office

Ju, Fang

Secretary of the Youth League Committee

 Zhang, Wei

Secretary of Teaching

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